CrossFit Workouts incorporate different elements of training such as high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, aerobic exercise, calisthenics, strongman, plus many other exercises.

  • Get leaner and stronger
  • Feel more positive and energetic
  • Reduce injury, illness and disease
  • Improve performance at chosen sport(s)

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Thursday December 8th

Workout of the day: Take about 3-4 sets to dertermine weight for emom 12 min EMOM: 1st min: Front Squat, moderate triple 2nd min: [...]

Wednesday December 7th

Workout of the day: A. Power Snatch, take 1 rep every 1:10 x 10 sets -- start light end at a max *use slow pull [...]

Tuesday December 6th

Workout of the day: *Stretch and prep before low effort warm up* 7 minutes of Low effort (no measure) :60 Row 30 Single Unders [...]

Monday December 5th

Workout of the day: A. Squat Clean, 1 rep every 1:10 x 10 sets -- start light and build to max B. Thruster, build to [...]

Thursday December 1st- Member Spotlight

Workout of the day: A. Alt Front Rack BB Lunges, work to tough set of 5 reps/leg B. 15 min EMOM: 1st min: 15 [...]

Wednesday November 30th

Workout of the day: A. "Slow Pull" Power Snatch Cluster, 1.1 (:05 rest b/t singles) every :90 x 7 sets *Slow pulls are :03 [...]


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