“Joining (Port CrossFit) has literally saved my life and that was the final step in getting past my postpartum Anxiety.”

Read more in this month’s member spotlight where Krystina talks more about beginning her fitness journey with PCF.

How did you hear about crossfit?
I signed my wife Meaghan up for her 30th birthday in 2017. We had a few friends that did crossfit in NYC and it was something I know she would love…I never thought I’d join too!

What is your occupation?
I work in the Applied Behavior Analysis classroom in Roslyn School District.

What are your interests outside of crossfit?
Spending time with my family, dancing, and going to the beach.

One or two words to describe yourself?
Hardworking and determined

How long have you been at PCF?
I joined the beginner class in March of 2021 and then started the standard classes 3 months later.

What do you like about Port Crossfit?
The people! Everyone is so encouraging. In any given class there may be people lifting 3x more than you or some modifying all movements but none of that matters. They are all supportive and it’s so much fun watching people push themselves to do better. Just when you think you have nothing left to give someone is yelling your name to push a little harder. The coaches are also fantastic. They all offer so much knowledge and support, it has made coming every day easy. There have been talks about us moving to another town and the thought of leaving this gym has really made us consider staying.

What is your favorite WOD, lift or movement?
I’m still learning so many of the movements so it’s hard to say. But, I just did my first handstand push up (with the help of some mats) so I guess I will say that. :)

What have you achieved since starting at PCF? 
I think when you tell someone you joined a gym people assume you want to lose weight or get stronger. Of course all of those physical gains have been AMAZING, but for me it was so much deeper. In March of 2020 I had our second child Cameron. Most of the members already know Shae, who is now almost 5! But after giving birth to Cameron I was struggling really bad with some Postpartum Anxiety. It took me months to find a therapist (covid made that really challenging) but I was still missing something, Kyle and Mike approached Meg about me joining the beginners class. I was so nervous but felt like it was a good place to start. After agreeing to join – and then starting classes – I began to really look forward to “my time.” I was hooked! Within that first month I felt so different mentally. It was the first time in an entire year that I felt like me again! Joining PCF has literally saved my life and that was the final step in getting past my PPA.

What does your weekly training schedule look like?
Being a teacher and having off all Summer has been wonderful. It’s allowed me to do the 7:10AM 4-5x a week. I also enjoy the Saturday partner workouts or popping in on a Sunday. Now that school is starting back up I will be back to the late night classes.

Before joining PCF I think I’ve gone to the gym 20x in my life. So starting and quickly realizing how much I love it has been huge!

What would you like to accomplish?
Before I started I’ve always wanted to do pull ups (last cycle I was able to do 1 with a red band so I’m getting there). But now that I’ve been going for a little bit I think my goal is just to continue to improve and just get stronger in general. It’s amazing to watch yourself do something you never thought you could. I’ve always been pretty thin but I’m enjoying muscle growth and strength.  Meg and I have our own little unspoken competition each workout but I think one day I’d love to do a partner competition with her.

What suggestions or piece of advice can you give to anyone who has just started their Fitness or crossfit journey?
Consistency is key! Just keep coming back and pushing yourself. It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of. I was so intimidated when joining the standard classes because I had never done 99% of the workouts or movements but each day you come back the better you get.