We often get questions like; “Hey, What’s a good supplement I should be taking?” Or “I really want to lose some weight, a friend of mine tried intermittent fasting and said he lost 5lbs” Although there are plenty of supplements that people have had success with and many people who have lost a few lbs from intermittent fasting, these trends do not outweigh the staples of health and fitness. By focusing on nutrition, sleep, consistency of movement/exercise and lowering stress, the short and long term impacts will far exceed taking another supplement, or trying to sweat off water weight in a sauna (I realize there are benefits to saunas but if you are using it for improved body comp and not eating 1 gram of protein per lb of your body weight, or doing resistance training, youre not using your time wisely). Its not always about a calorie deficit (Im sure some nutritionists might cringe but whatever), its not always about the calories you lost on your apple watch and its not always about following some influencer on instagram on meal timing. Stick to the basics day over day, month over month, year over year and you will see amazing progress. Quality food focusing on protein intake, quality sleep, non sedentary lifestyle, some resistance training, consistent exercise and tolerable levels of stress can increase your basal metabolic rate resulting in decreased body fat and improved lean muscle. Now, are supplements, hr zone training, intermittent fasting, saunas and cold plunges worthless?? No no not at all, it all serves a purpose, but the key is to realize that these extras will not supersede those staples in check first.

Kyle Tiringer