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Port CrossFit: Building a Fit Community

We have spent many years studying, learning and experimenting with ways to get people fit in a safe and effective manner. We have learned how to keep our clients motivated so that rather than looking for a “quick fix,” They can see benefit in adopting fitness as a lifestyle.

What is Fitness? CrossFit defines fitness as “constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity.” We follow this formula that has been proven not just across general fitness population, but also exercise enthusiasts and high ranked professional athletes.

Although an effective formula, the movements, training program and methodology is most effective when learned slowly. Our movements range from low skill levels to complex, some can be done slow and other must be done explosively. For this reason we strongly recommend that our athletes display safe and effective mechanics prior to increasing intensity. These movements are taught best with a watchful eye and the skillset of a great coach.

In over a decade of experience, We have learned that a higher coach to athlete ratio provides a better learning experience but also a safer environment. It allows the athletes to learn better movement patterns and as a by product yields a healthier community of people. This is where we separate ourselves in the community. At Port CrossFit you will start out in a safe one on one environment with your coach who guide you each step along the way.


What’s Our Recipe

At PCF we focus on making sure that you are fully prepared and ready for our group classes. We are focused on lifelong functional fitness for our athletes…not just throwing you into a class environment without a knowledge of the movements and proper technique. Our group classes are for our members that have obtained a proficiency in functional movements and a good baseline of fitness. How do we do this?

  • First, we require all of our clients to go through a minimum of (2) 1 on 1 training sessions where they can work at their own pace in learning what is required in our group classes. We know that this may not be as exciting as training with a bunch of people at high intensity, but it’s appropriate for the long game.
  • Next, we purposely cap our group classes to no more than 12 per class. Where other gyms may say “the more the merrier” or be happy to have as many members as possible, we are a little different. Not only will we cap our class sizes but we will also close enrollment to ensure that our members are getting the intimate experience they deserve.
  • While in class, we thoroughly explain your workout, demonstrate the movements, critique when needed, and as always give our extra motivation where we see fit.

At Port CrossFit, we thoroughly enjoy making our community a fun, motivating, safe and effective environment to train. Our door is always open to chat with our members as well as listen to their suggestions in what they may need to improve their lifestyle.

9 Things That Make Our Facility a Leader in our Industry

  • Adequate floor space and equipment to serve our Group classes while being able to facilitate our 1 on 1 training sessions.
  • Eighteen foot ceilings provide a spacious feeling while providing room for critical CrossFit movements, like rope climbs, Muscle ups, Wall Balls and more
  • Knowledgeable coaches in various aspects of fitness. Including CrossFit, CSCS, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Opex and more.
  • COVID Conscious program; time between classes to sanitize, temperature checks at door, proper spacing between marks off areas, HEPA Air filtration system and abides by all NYS rules and regulation via Board of Health
  • Capped class sizes to ensure the best customer experience possible
  • A program for all! No client too de-conditioned and no athlete too great. We have programs that can challenge a professional level athlete along with beginner programs or personal training that can cater to those with physical ailments.
  • Bay garage openings and proper sidewalks that allow our clients to perform runs during our workouts of the day
  • Strong sense of community! Of course we love working out but we love to socialize. We arrange for private events and get togethers which helps reinforce a positive training environment.
  • Receptive and innovative training model. We listen and learn from our members and our mentors. From there, we implement new and effective training protocols


KYLE TIRINGEROwner & Performance Coach
MIKE NEEDLEMANOwner & Performance Coach
JAMES CASHINPerformance Coach
TOM HUGHESPerformance Coach
ERICA CASHINPerformance Coach
HALEY BLUNTPerformance Coach
MATT LOPICCOLOPerformance Coach

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