Why Do We Warm-Up?

We all know what it’s like to be a little behind schedule and run into a workout 5 minutes after the warm up has begun; many times rushing through some stretches in order to catch up with everyone else. Many of us also know what it’s like to pull or strain a muscle, throw out our backs or any other injury that may be caused due to a workout. So here’s some information that might make you second guess rushing through your warm up next time you are running a bit late.

Why do we warm up?

  1. Enhanced performance

  2. Injury prevention

In terms of “enhanced performance,” we look at warming up like this. As you sit in place reading this article there is a pretty low blood flow (15-20% flow) in your skeletal muscles, most small blood vessels are closed. After about 10 minutes of full body exercise the blood flow to the muscles increases about 70-75%. With more blood flow comes increased muscle temperature and oxygen at a higher temperature, which is a good thing because more blood and oxygen going to your working muscles brings better performance. So next time you hear your coaches say something along the lines of “get your blood flowing” take that as a cue to get a good warm up in for a good workout performance!

Injury prevention is huge, one of the worst reasons for not working out is due to injury because all you have to do is wait and work on getting your body to feel better. By partaking in a solid warm-up you are going essentially lower your risk for injury. I read somewhere to think about your muscles as rubber bands and then to think of what you’re doing daily before your warm up. If you are working a job where you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, you’re “rubber bands” are basically unused. If you leave work and head to workout without a warm-up your bands are super tight from sitting and not moving all day; if you jump into an intense workout with no preparation, SNAP. Obviously this is worse case scenario but if you think about it this way you probably will second guess jumping into a workout without the proper warm up. Your “rubber bands” need you to take care of them!

Reasons above are why our coaches get you moving before starting the WOD! Warm-ups don’t need to be too long but it’s important to get a little sweat on with a dynamic warm-up and movements specific to the upcoming workout. So hopefully next time you’re running a few minutes late you think about those rubber bands we call our muscles and be sure to warm them up properly! :)


5 Rounds for total Time:

50 Doube unders

200m run

20 cal airbike

rest 3 min between rounds