Workout of the day:

A. Snatch Grip DL . Halting Snatch DL . “Slow Pull” Snatch High Pull, 1.1.1 (reset b/t reps) x 6 sets rest :90
B. EMOM x 18 minutes:
1st min: Shoulder Taps 12/12
2nd min: Pendlay Rows, 10 reps
3rd min: 20 Total Lateral Hops over barbell
Rx Taps from Pike position w/ feet on box PR 115/75
Rx+ Wall Facing HS hold taps PR 135/95lb

Double Under Clinic- Saturday November 19th
*Be sure to sign up in Wodify*
Cals for Kids- Saturday December 3rd
Holiday Party- Friday December 16th