As with every performance/nutrition challenge that we do this one will be different.
In all of the consults that we do there is a large similarity.
In general, people do not eat ENOUGH.
Let me explain to you why it is important to eat enough.
Everyone needs a certain amount of calories to survive. This # varies from individual to individual based on age, lean body mass, activity level etc…Think of your body like a car, it needs fuel to run, without fuel it will break down.  The difference is your body is way smarter then a car and it has a backup system if you forget to fuel it.
The bad news is the backup system leads to fat storage and long term hormonal damage.   Your body will do what it has to do to survive.  When it is deprived of calories, it adjusts and it literally changes at a cellular level to enable it to store calories more efficiently.   It doesn’t understand the difference between you skipping a few meals, and literal starvation.
This is why you see so many people  who say “I don’t get it, I eat nothing, why can I not lose weight?”
The reality is you have been eating “ nothing” for way too long, so when you do decide to eat, your body has become very efficient at storing, in the form of body fat.
We are going to take this issue head on with the LTC.
Every participant is going to be given a calorie goal, a macro goal, and the tools necessary to calculate your daily calorie/ macro intake.
This is not IIFYM.  We still believe in food quality, but this time around we are going to generate some awareness on how much you should be eating, not just what you should be eating.
Once again registration is open until This Sunday
In case you missed the last email.  The test in date has been shifted to Saturday October 24th.