Push press. push jerk. split jerk (1.1.2 every 1m45 x 7 sets )
right into below
Strict Press (5 reps every :90 x 6 sets )
Option A
Strict Hspu, 5 UB reps every :90 x 6 sets  (if capable perform Deficit)
— this option should only be performed instead of strict press if and only if you are capable of completing 7-10 unbroken strict hspu to a level surface. If not, it is better you perform the strict press to help build upper body strength.
**females may use 1 abmat if capable

Option B

9 min AMRAP:
Wall Walks
Goblet Alt Rev Lunges/leg 24kg/16kg
Box jumps 24″/20″

55+/15-; 20kg/12kg
*Count Reverse Lunges as amount of reps in the listed round. ex 3/3 alt lunges will equal 3 reps
*no you can not do hspu instead of wall walks :-)