Metcon (No Measure)
12 min flow work
Banded Dead bug movement (feet only); :30
Lizard Crawl w/ elbow to instep 50ft
3 Devil Press (start light and build up each set)

rest 8 min
Metcon (Time)
22 min CAP
For time w/ partner
1 team mate works at a time alternating as needed
Must be done equally
100 cal Row
80 Wall Balls
60 Toe to bar
40 Devil Press 35/25
100 Cal on Bike

Rx+ 40/30
55+/15- 25/15

**Coaches will Have 1/2 teams start on Row and 1/2 teams start on Bike… then flip flop for end** order of Wall Balls, Toes to bar and devil press will not change regardless of whether you begin on row or bike first**