A1: Deadlift (2 reps @ 50X1 x 6 sets rest 1 min)
Emphasis today is ALMOST NO NOISE on touch and go. Be very consistent through :05 descend. Maintain the slow movement beneath the knee as that is where most people lose their tempo
A2: Metcon (Weight)
Filly Press, 8 reps/side x 6 sets rest 1 min

Score is weight of KB hold plus dbell press


Metcon (5 Rounds for weight)
1st min: 12 La KB FR split squat
2nd min: 12Ra KB FR split squat
3rd min: 6 burpees + 8/7 Pullup

Rx+ 8/7 CTB
*KB held in opposing arm of Forward leg.

Score is weight of Kb