A1: Close Grip Bench Press (3 reps x 7 sets rest :30 )
A2: DB Tate Presses (12 reps x 7 sets rest 1m30)
Metcon (Time)
In teams of 3 complete the below
1 person working for :60 each station.
Station 1: 150 Calorie Row
Station 2: 150 Toes to bar
Station 3: REST

Each partner starts on 1 station and does not switch until the minute ends. Partners rotate and begin where their prior partner left off. The workout is finished when 120 calories and 120 toes to bar are complete. If one movement is complete before the other; athletes must continue to follow the same rotation however they will only be working on the movement they have left. ATHLETES WILL NOT NEED TO PERFORM EQUIVALENT REPS TO THEIR PARTNERS