A. Power Clean (3.2.1 work to tough set within 15 min )
Tng 3 (rest :05), Tng 2 (rest :05), 1 rep
–be sure to write 3.2.1 in comments be cause this will be input as 6 reps. It will throw you off in future if you think this is a 6 UB TnG
1st min: 8 Push Press (from ground)
2nd min: 10 Power clean
3rd min: 16/13 Push ups
4th min: 12 Toes to bar  (Rx+ 16 reps)

**push press and power clean MUST stay the same weight within the given round
** You may change weights throughout the workout, but only once a new round begins; you are locked in at the push press weight for the power clean**