A. 3 sets for quality (flow)
:30 slow moving Ring Body Saw (if too hard do with no rings)
10/side High to low standing Wood Chops
20 Russian Swings
:30/side Seated Knee Ext Hold
B. 1 sets @ 70% effort
3 min Rowing
3 min Airbike
3 min Shuttle running (Gym length)
A1: Bench Press (15 reps x 4 sets rest 1 min )
start light for first set
A2: Single arm dumb bell row (15 reps/arm x 4 sets rest 1 min )
we promise that higher quality is more effective over compensating form for heavier weight. If it makes your ego feel better then write… “kept it light, worked on form.. good burn” in your comments when typing in weight.
xoxo Kyle
C. 3 sets for quality:
:30 AMRAP Renegade Rows
:15 Rest
:30 Bicycle Crunches
:15 rest