“A Small Touch of Everything”
Metcon (No Measure)
3 sets @ inc weight:
A1. 15 Goblet Squats w/ band tension
rest :45
A2. 12/arm Bent Over DB Rows
(rest :30 b/t arms & sets)
3 sets:
B1. 15 DB/KB RDL (inc weight)
rest :45 b/t sets
B2. 12-15 UB Ring Dips > Bar Dips>Ring Push ups > Push ups
rest :45 b.t sets
Metcon (No Measure)
EMOM x 16 min:
1st min: 2 rope climbs
2nd min: 20 Strict Anchored sit ups
3rd min: 15/12 Cals on rower
4th min: 12/9 Cals on Ski or Airbike

*no rope climb? Perform 15 Ring rows

*if needed to scale rower; we would like it to estimate :45 of rowing time