16 min EMOM:
1st min: 5-6 /grip strict Pullups on Rope (modify is inverted row from rope)
2nd min: 3-4/leg pistol squats (box, band, un-assisted or weighted)
3rd min: :40 quadruped crawl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y-C1wUb-3c
4th min: 15 banded good mornings

rest 8 min b/t emom
EMOM x 12 min:
1st min:  ski erg max cals, :40
2nd min: Bike max cals :40
3rd min: 12 Wall balls, 20lb/14lb to 10/9ft
4th min: 15 Russian twists per side with wall ball (feet off ground)

Rx+ 15 Wall Balls

Score is max cals from all 3 rounds.