A. Front Squat (within 7 sets work to tough set of 4)
rest 1 min, then go to Wtd pullup
A1, Wtd. Pronated Strict Pullups (within 7 sets work to tough set of 4 reps )
rest 1 min then go back to front squat
B. 9 min AMRAP
6 Renegade Rows
12 Double arm DB Walking Lunges @ 35lb/25lb

Rx+ Bar Muscle up + 50lb/35lb
Masters is same as Rx

-When modifying CTB (if using band) we would prefer you to perform full CTB rather than scaling to chin over bar
– 1 renegade row equals L-arm row, R-arm row , Push up
– 12 lunges is 6 steps each leg