A. Muscle Clean (3 reps x 3 sets rest 1 min b.t )
skill portion- focus on explosive pull, shrug, high pull and front rack
B. Power Clean (3 T&G Reps x 5 sets rest 1m45)
start @ last weight of muscle clean
C. Defecit Clean Pull (5 reps x 3 sets rest 1m45 )
use (1) 25lb plate for deficit; weight used should be last successful set of power cleans
D. (4 Rounds for time)
@ High effort:
10 DA DB Clean
10 Ball Slams 20lb/14lb
50 ft burpee broad jumps
rest 2 min b/t sets

*Alt row and ski each round (2 rounds of each)
Rx 50lb/35lb
55+ Rx 35/25

Ball Slam: (full squat, full hip/shoulder ext, slam completes rep)