Member Spotlight: Nicole Alvarez

How did you hear about crossfit?

I think I was in 11th grade when Carley McCulloch told me she was joining crossfit at our high school gymnastics practice. I remember wanting to join it with her but I was way too scared after she told me about all the running they did. I then watched Carley become so sick from her Instagram videos and her Facebook posts. Then this past April Jacob became really obsessed with the thought of it and kept begging me to do it with him. It took a while for him to convince me to try it. I never thought I would be able to handle it and I was sure I was going to be awful. He eventually convinced me just to try it, and I am really happy he did.


How long have you been at PCF?

I have been at Port Crossfit since the end of May, so just about six months.


What do you like about port crossfit?

I really love how hard the coaches push everyone everyday. I love being pushed to the limit and seeing how hard I can work. I have surprised myself so much since starting crossfit. I have done things I never thought possible. I also really like all the community that comes with it. I enjoy meeting new people and talking to everyone.


One word to describe yourself:

Hard-working. I really like to set goals for myself and then I work really hard to accomplish them. I think I am very self-motivated both inside and outside the box.


What have you achieved since starting at PCF?

When I started crossfit in May I couldn’t do a pull up or a push up. I have always viewed myself as super un-athletic. I did gymnastics through out high school but I spent 90% of the four years on crutches. I was always a klutz and somehow get hit in the face with a Frisbee every time I play KanJam. I think the biggest thing I have achieved since starting at PCF is being able to do a bar muscle-up and run a 7:47 mile without breaking my ankle.


What would you like to accomplish?

I really want to be able to do a ring muscle up. I have a while before that happens though. A more realistic goal would be to get better at the weight lifting portion of crossfit in general. Outside of crossfit, I would really like to get a high GPA and graduate with honors. I am working really hard in school and so far it is paying off. This summer I hope to get an externship at a hospital to get more experience. One day in the future I would like to get a masters degree to become a nurse practitioner, but for now I am just focusing on getting a bachelors of nursing.


What are your interests outside of crossfit?

I am a big nerd so my life outside of crossfit is basically just school and studying. I love learning new things and I am constantly reading my textbooks. I also really love the outdoors. Jacob and I love trying new things and going new places together. I hope to travel a lot when I am older.


What do you do for a living?

I just started my first semester of nursing school at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing. It is very challenging but I love it. I commute to Manhattan Monday-Wednesday. It has been amazing getting so much hand on experience and I am really excited to see what the future holds for me. In addition to school, I also coach USA Gymnastics levels 2-6 at my old gym a few days a week. Over the summer I started making them do crossfit-style workouts, like AMRAPS and METCONS for their conditioning portion. The kids absolutely love it and they’re always asking to do them. I always feel like I have accomplished a lot until I go to work and the 8 year olds can do 10 unbroken muscle ups with no problem.


What is your favorite WOD or lift?

My favorite WOD’s are anything that include pull-ups, handstand push-ups and box jumps. My favorite lift is power cleans.




A. Back Squat, work to tough set of 5 reps within 7 sets

B. 5 sets:

AMRAP Strict Pronated Pullups

Row 250m

50 Double Unders

rest 2 min b/t sets

*Score is total time minus total amount of pullups*