Member Spotlight: Sean Tan

How did you hear about Crossfit?

A friend of mine on the soccer team during my sophomore year of High School invited me to a free class back in Glen Cove. I already had some sort of a power cleaning background from Football workouts but not too much because I was only 15 at the time. I continued to do Crossfit for the rest of my High school career since then.


What do you like about Port Crossfit?

I actually went to a gym in Smithtown before port Crossfit and I really didn’t end up liking the place for a few reasons and for those same reasons I decided to stay at port. The people are really welcoming and friendly, the coaches are great athletes and it reminds me a lot of my gym back at home.


One word to describe yourself:

Competitive. I can’t stand losing.


What have you achieved since starting at Port Crossfit?

I have definitely improved my conditioning since I have been at port. I have always struggled with long WOD’s and I feel like recently I have really found a good mojo with certain workouts.

What would you like to accomplish?

300+ Clean and a 200+ Snatch by the end of this year.


Something others might not know about me:

I sing a lot, a few years ago I actually performed for President Obama with my choir, we sang Christmas songs for him and his family. He was huge.


What is a favorite WOD or lift?

I love anything with fast Hang power cleans, Handstand pushups, or realistically any gymnastic movement. I hate raw strength stuff like strict overhead presses.



A. Push Press (work to a tough set of 5)

B. AMRAP w/ Partner

18 min

9 box jumps

9 burpees

9 DB push press