Member Spotlight: Erik Ragone

Erik is being recognized this month for his consistent effort and hard work day after day. Erik started at PCF after seeing crossfit on TV, he felt it would be a good direction for him to head in to get in shape and learn something new. When asked what he likes about PCF Erik says: “The atmosphere. Between the great coaches and team members, they provide a tremendous amount of support, guidance, and expertise to push you to do better.”

Erik describes himself as dedicated, which we 100% see each day as he betters himself during the workouts and even afterwards he is always sure to get a good stretch and recovery in.

Since starting at PCF Erik has achieved an overall better health; movement specific he recognizes his progress in handstand push-ups. “I remember I couldn’t get the concept of handstand pushups for some time. I finally committed to the movement and am pleased to complete a few. I love the fact that I continue to get better at the different WODs and movements.”

Erik’s favorite WODs involve clean & jerk, muscle-ups and snatch movements, ” Even though I am not skilled at these, I like these lifts most.”  Just another example of Erik’s determination to bettering himself every lift.

Lastly when asked what he would like to accomplish, Erik says “Step out of my comfort zone and focus more on areas of weakness. Get comfortable with Olympic lifting movements, but also want to achieve consistency with Muscle-ups, Double-Unders, and Kipping exercises.”