Include just before deadlifts core/glute activation +

A. Deadlifts, find 1rm

B. 2k row @ best effort

*Hover around last weeks avg pace and then kick it up at the end*

C. Tabata Strict Anchored sit ups *Score is worst round*


Member Spotlight: Rich Paget

Rich has been a member at PCF for 2 and a half years where he has not only built his strength but has also built great friendships. Rich is being recognized for his constant dedication and hard work each time he is in the gym, he always is there with a smile and we can’t forget the great socks he always rocks . :)


How did you hear about Crossfit?

I heard about Crossfit from my friend Sonny.

What do you like about Port Crossfit?

My favorite thing about Port Crossfit are the coaches and the friendships i’ve built here. The fact that the coaches know when I need to be pushed and give me the necessary space to push myself. They also make sure of my well-being. As I heard many times the coaches at other gyms can be hard on their members. I like the combo of the coaches being laid bak but getting the most out of each member. As for the friendships I’ve built over the 2.5 years I’ve been at the gym, are very important. I remember when I first started I would sit in the parking lot in front of Uncle Guiseppe’s instead of going into the gym. Now I get there 45 minutes before class just to unwind and talk to the different people working out.

One word to describe yourself:


What would you like to accomplish in Crossfit?

I would like to do a pull-up without any bands and push ups without being on my knees. Recently I’ve accomplished both goals but now I would like to do every workout without these restrictions

Something others may not know about me:

I’m very shy and nervous around people.

What is your favorite WOD or Lift?

I would say I enjoy the deadlift because I can do the most weight within that. I also really enjoy box jumps.