“Cals For A Cause”

Hey there Crew

For those of you that have not heard, two members of the PCF family, Gina and Scott Walsh, are in need.   On November 22nd just over two weeks after Scott and Gina’s wedding Gina’s dad Fred Ducker had a seizure. After a few days in a hospital and countless test, and endless waiting, his family was informed that he had multiple tumors on his brain which caused his seizure. After a biopsy of one of the tumors it was determined he has a very aggressive and rare cancer of the brain that can not be cured. As you can imagine this was is devastating news to hear. On top of this news they found out like most people do Insurance only covers so much and benefits for travel expenses and other cost involved with his treatment are minimal. That is why we decided to do this fundraiser. We are looking to raise some money to help off set those expenses. The bottom line is when someone in your family is in need you step up and do what you can to help so we at PCF want to do what we can to help.

So Here is the deal:

What: “Cals for a Cause”

For those of you who were involved in Cals for Kids this will be similar just an updated format.

When: Friday February 10th @7pm

Where: The Thunderdome ( Port CrossFit)

How it works:  1)Sign your team up, entry fee is $250/ Team ( Teams are 5 males OR 5 Females)

2) Collect pledges from Friends and Family

  • How pledges work:  If someone you know wants to contribute, but not row, they can pledge to donate a dollar amount for every Cal that your team rows.  For example: 10 cents pledged- team rows 300 Cals- $30 will be donated.

3) Come prepared to Row your heart out on February 10th

All Proceeds from the event will be donated.

To Sign your Team up

Click Here

If you would like to join but do not have a team, please email and we will find a team for you!

For any other questions you can contact us or Bob Newell who is helping out with the event.

Bob Newell: 631-988-9965 or robertnewell@allstate.com