A. Power snatch, build to a tough single in 15 min

B. Drop to 85% of A for 1 rep OTM for 10 min

C. For Time:

100 Double unders

20 Power Snatch 135/75

20 Burpees over bar

20 Power clean 135/75

Member Spotlight: Joe Borruso


How did you hear about Crossfit?

I heard about Crossfit from a colleague at work. I just had my 36th birthday and weighed the most I ever had in my entire life, so I decided I needed a change and needed it fast.

What do you like about Port Crossfit?

  1. The coaches and the instruction they provide is priceless. The coaches pay close attention to my progress and also correct any issues I have pertaining to inefficiencies in regards to my technique.
  2. The other members are just great, they are always so supportive and provide the necessary competiveness and push to get me to the next level.
  3. It’s the only time of the day I can leave my phone in my locker and not look at it for approximately 75 minutes.

One word to describe yourself:


What have you achieved since starting at Port Crossfit?

I have lost approximately 40 pounds and gained a substantial amount of strength. It has alleviated an enormous amount of stress in my life and ultimately propelled my career making me more focused and less lazy. It has showed my children they need to work out regularly, take care of their bodies, and be healthy.

What would you like to accomplish?

I would like to continue to work out 6 days a week, lose some more weight, reduce my stress, stay healthy, and ultimately perfect my technique across all the various movements.

Something others might not know about me:

 My nickname was Grey Goose during my early years in the finance industry, we went out quite a bit back then and I would only drink Grey goose Vodka with Red bull or Club Soda, nothing else.

What is a favorite WOD or lift?

Angie and The Crossfit Total are my favorites.