Workout of the day:

A. Alt Front Rack BB Lunges, work to tough set of 5 reps/leg

B. 15 min EMOM:

1st min: 15 Wall Balls

2nd min: 5 HPC + 5/5 Alt Forward Lunges BB 95lb/65lb

3rd min: 5 Deadlifts @ 95lb/65lb + 5 Burpee Over Barbell




Member Spotlight: Yossary (Josie) Garcia

How did you hear about Crossfit?

From my previous workout circles and reading on the internet.

What do you like about Port Crossfit?

The camaraderie of the members and the staff is extremely professional and has pushed and motivated me to achieve a level of fitness that I could never achieve on my own. I am extremely grateful and indebted to the level of fitness that I have achieved and I am excited to continue to progress.

One word to describe yourself:


What have you achieved since starting at Port Crossfit?

Increased strength, stamina and overall improvement in fitness.

What would you like to accomplish?

I would like to be able to do pull-ups one day.

Something others might not know about me:

The fact that I’m very serious and quite at home.

What is a favorite WOD or lift?

Back-Squat is my favorite!!!!